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I am the one that screwed up these pictures. Mrs McDaniel even sent me a picture of what she wanted and I failed. I am sorry. I was supposed to center their heads right under the large BRUINS letters and clearly I did not. I have caused her to do so much more work than she should have had to do, to make this right. If this years posters are not up to Lake Braddock standards, I am the only one to blame. Again, I humbly apologize.

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Kristin McDaniel(non-registered)
You are such a wonderful individual to take time in your valuable busy schedule to come take pictures of our boys! We all want to thank you very much and these pictures are fabulous and perfect for our banners. They don't have to be the exact same every year and they are very similar to last years pictures. Again we appreciate all the time and dedication you have shown the lacrosse team (and other teams at LB) and can not thank you enough for your quality pictures of the boys (esp. the action shots) that we show relatives and friends and will use for their senior posters as well. Thanks again for all your hard work!
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